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California Geographical Survey is a resource hosted by the Department of Geography and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at California State University, Northridge. The Survey is a creation of Dr. William A. Bowen (professor emeritus). It operates for the benefit of the students and faculty of the California State University System, public and parochial school teachers, and the people of the State of California. It is the California Geographical Survey's intention to provide a variety of important geographic resources to the entire Internet community.
World Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images of East Asia

World Atlas (Introduction)

Tibet Border South

A selection of 60 aerial panoramas looking south over the Tibet border and made from an elevation of 35 kilometers. All images are 2100 x 900 pixels and are best viewed on large monitors.

OCHA Nepal Map Centre

In Nepal Information Platform map centre you will find a wide range of informative maps. Periodically produced by OCHA, these maps illustrate developments and trends - Thematic maps - or static information on different features - Reference maps. Complete catalog of map is available here.

You can aslso get Nepal maps on ReliefWeb.
For more information about UN in Nepal, you  can visit  UN Nepal Information Platform.

UNOSAT - Nepal maps

UNOSAT is a technology intensive programme active in all aspects of applied research relating to satellite solutions, from earth observation to telecommunication, positioning and navigation. UNOSAT delivers satellite solutions, geographic information to organizations within and outside the UN system to make a difference in the lives of communities exposed to poverty, hazards, and conflict, or affected by humanitarian and other crises.
The maps are  produced or facilitated by UNOSAT for the humanitarian community. Please credit UNOSAT and/or the original source if this information is used in a report, project etc.
Additional products including satellite images and thematic maps can be provided by UNOSAT on request .

Maps Avialable of Nepal are :
Chitwan area

Flood Waters in Sunsari & Saptari Districts
FLOODS: Dhading area - Zone 1-9
Three dimensional view, Dhading area overview
ETHNIC GROUPS and so on....    

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nepal Maps & Guides

If you are thinking of visiting Nepal, you  will need the maps and guides. From following links you can buy guides and maps and will help you self guide to Nepal.

SWERA - Data for Solar and Wind Renewable Energy of Nepal

The SWERA Programme provides easy access to high quality renewable energy resource information and data to users all around the world. Its goal is to help facilitate renewable energy policy and investment by making high quality information freely available to key user groups. SWERA products include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and time series data, along with links to energy optimization tools needed to apply these data. To view additional information about the available resources or tools, select one of the links in the "Resource Information" or "Analysis Tools" sections of the website: . These products are being offered through a team of international experts and their in-country partners.

Following is the data of Solar Pannel Tilt and Glow for whole country.

Nepal Maps.....Printable Thematic District Maps

These maps were created from GIS layers produced by Kabindra Joshi, Cartography and Survey Engineering Consultant, Kathmandu, Nepal. Ken Bauer and Travis Durfee at the Digital Himalaya project used ArcMap to parse out Nepal's 75 districts. For each district, separate layers (Rivers, Settlements, Elevation, and Roads) were geoprocessed using standard GIS procedures (clipping). A separate layer was then created for every combination of these layers.

Satellite Image of Nepal

Friday, September 17, 2010

Maps & Satellite Images of Sapta Koshi River Flood

List of Free Downloadable Dataset at ICIMOD MENRIS

Here, you can download all the available GIS datasets, value-added data, softwares, papers, books and publications developed and prepared by MENRIS-ICIMOD. If you are having problems in downloading due to limited bandwidth in the HKH region, you can also request us to send them to you in CD copies. For this service, please email your request with your contact details at 

And else,

Data and Products Available at NGIIP

  • The Population and Socio Economic Atlas of Nepal

  • Index of Geographical Names

      Volume I      Eastern Development Region Volume II     Central Development Region Volume III    Western Development Region Volume IV    Mid Western Development Region Volume V    Far Western Development Region

  • Topographical Data
      Topographical Data are Available on Conditions See Index Map of Topographic Database

  • Orthophoto Maps and Data
      Available for Assigned Areas only Contact SD / NGIIP for Details

  • SOTER / Soil Data